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Auto-buy - the function which buys the Bingo gaming cards for the gamers prior the Bingo starts.

ON or being Ready - in case the player requires just 1 ball to complete the winning Bingo pattern.

Blackout - a scheme where all the digits on the ticket must be daubed in order to win.

Bubbler (Break the Bubble) - is the min quantity of numbers required to finish the chosen picture.

Caller - the manager that calls the numbers as they come. At online casinos all the numbers are displayed on the screen that is why there are no callers at Internet bingo halls, like the dealers at card games or croupier at roulette download games. 

Chat room - a window displayed next to your main game window where you can have a chat at online gambling directory.

Dauber - the ink dauber to mark all the digits on the Bingo cardboard cards as they are called.

Free space - a blank square in the middle of the sheet which is like a Joker and is covered automatically.

G.T.I., T.E.D - an automatic software that immediately daubs all the named numbers and permits to play numerous tickets.

Hardway Bingo game - a Bingo sheet with no free space.

Jump the Gun - yell the Bingo once the last of the winning balls has appeared on the screen, however, if prior it has not been named.

Pattern - a unique shape of covered digits on the Bingo Gaming ticket that is required for the win. More about bingo rules and patterns read at our website or visit  wikipedia.

RNG - is the random (indiscriminate) number generator.

Standard - concerns all the numbers with the second digit of the 1st number. Once the first number is a 34, all the numbers that end with 4 including B4 are considered as the winning numbers.

Forwards / Backwards - all the numbers in the tickets which starts or end with the wild digit. If the premiere number is 22 all the balls that begin or end with 3 are viewed as the fell out balls. The numbers that end with the digit 7, 8, 9 or 0 must be redrawn as there are just 5 balls which start with 7 and no balls that start with 8, 9 or 0.

Falsie (“bongo”)- if the player names a Bingo but the claim is a mistake. This may be truth for the land-based gambling rooms as in the online type it is impossible to mishear and cover the incorrect digit.