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The History Of Bingo Game

The History Of Bingo starts in the end of XVIth century in Italy and the game originates from the gambling entertainment called Lotto d’Italia. Since then the gambling entertainment was controlled by the state and caused huge incomes to the treasury. The modern variation of the Bingo is a lot similar to the entertainment it was back then in 1530. The amazing fact about this game is that the game was never considered as the gambling entertainment of a filth. This is probably due to the fact that for a while the entertainment brought great amounts of money for charity funds and this is a common practice.

The game of Bingo according to the History of Bingo spread all over the world soon after it became very popular in Italy. In France the entertainment of Bingo gained the souls and hearts of the French intelligentsia and nevertheless the gambling entertainment differs from the variant we gamble now, the game however has much alike especially in rules. Instead balls the chips were used in the gambling game, and the tickets were designed without using any technology. The images in the French lottery were simply the horizontal stripes.

According to the history of Bingo back in 1929 the entertainment arrived from Germany to the USA. The game was in those days called the “Beano” as the covers for the called balls were dried pinto beans. At that times the patterns of vertical and diagonal stripes were created bringing us to the gambling game as we all know it today. In the state of Georgia US entrepreneur Edwin Lowe played this game with his partners and was the creator of its amazing popularity around the planet. During one of his games one of the ladies won and instead of screaming out “Beano” because it had been the name of the entertainment, the woman screamed out “Bingo” and Lowe used this newly created word to call the entertainment in the America. Because the gambling entertainment won more and more renowness, Edwin Lowe has got a complicated task of creating the haphazard cards and invited Carl Leffler, a professor of mathematics, to make 6,000 Bingo cardboard cards. Alas, the mission was too hard and drove the professor insane.

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